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* Kantar Media Inc.—Health System Survey—June 2012—Tables 215-FT and 231-FT2

About Us

Hospital Pharmacy is an independent, peer-reviewed journal that is practitioner-focused and dedicated to the promotion of safe medication practice.

For decades, readers, authors, editors, and editorial board members have pooled their knowledge and talent to ensure that each issue contains high-quality, relevant content and information on evidence-based practice. The result is a vigorously practical journal that is supported by top-notch peer-review.

Turn to Hospital Pharmacy for essential information about medication errors, adverse reaction reporting, formulary drug reviews, original research, current FDA-related drug information, off-label drug uses, new technology, and more.

No fluff here. A focus on high-quality, relevant content is why Hospital Pharmacy is the most read journal among hospital and health system decision makers.


Up to now, Hospital Pharmacy subscriptions have been free. What's changed?

Hospital Pharmacy is an independent journal. It does not receive membership dues and does not accept paid promotional articles. Advertising revenue is no longer sufficient to support peer-reviewed journals in this field. We must now collect a portion of our operating costs from subscriptions, and we need your support.

What's still free?

In addition to very low-priced and flexible subscription plans for individuals and institutions, some key Hospital Pharmacy features remain absolutely free and open to all.
  • Open access to the archive for all articles after 12 months
  • Open access to all Formulary Drug Review articles
  • CE credit for the post-test for each Formulary Drug Review
  • Open access to all Editorials

All subscription options include Online Access. You get the Hospital Pharmacy Archive, PLUS the next-generation digital edition of each issue. Subscription options that include print copies are also available. Click SUBSCRIBE to see rates and options.

What does it cost?

Institutional Subscribers

Institutional subscribers receive the Digital Edition plus the Archive, all for only 57¢ a day when they select the Online Only option.

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Institutional subscription options that include print are also available.






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Individual subscribers receive the Digital Edition plus the Archive, all for only $67.50 per year when they select the Online Only option. Subscription options for individuals that include print are also available.

What is included?

Digital Edition

Hospital Pharmacy's digital edition is a breakthrough next-generation version. It includes simplified navigation, automatic configuration to your device, and an embedded "page" that is a live version of the academically structured archive.

Articles are optimized for digital media, but each article also includes a link to a traditional PDF that can be viewed, printed, and saved. Click here for instant access to a sample issue. Subscribers can log in using Hospital Pharmacy's "Access Journal" link (on the left of this page).

Academically Structured Archive

Hospital Pharmacy provides an extensive archive of current and back issues, including "industrial strength" searching capability, live references when available, and pre-sorted lists of authors and article categories. When you click "Access Journal," you will land on the opening page of the archive. Login links are on that page.


Subscription options include printed issues. Institutional subscribers can select the number of printed copies that best suits their needs.

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Wall Charts

Hospital Pharmacy offers large-format wall charts for your department. Access information to promote safe medication practice and ensure JCAHO compliance. Latest releases include Anitcoagulation Guidelines and Antimicrobial Therapy. Visit our store for information and ordering.